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Agile Project Management Software | 2021’s Most Effective Agile Tools

The goal of agile development is to create the best product possible based on the customer’s requirements. As a consequence, agile testers must keep a close eye on their project. Numerous materials are accessible for this purpose.
The following is a collected list of the Top Agile Tool, together with their common features and updated download links. This comparison table contains both free and commercial applications.

Agile Framework
Agile Framework

The Best Tools and Software for Agile Project Management are as follows:


Zephyr is the industry’s leading test management platform, providing end-to-end solutions for agile teams of all sizes. Besides, It enables the agility, transparency, and insights necessary to rapidly deliver better software.

With a single click, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Bamboo, and other systems can also be connected.

  • Cloud, Server, and Data Center Deployment Options
  • Advanced analytics and DevOps dashboards
  • No yearly agreement is required.


Sprint is a tool for managing your team and product easily. It also enables you to monitor your progress. This program may be used to determine bottlenecks and the mechanisms through which market value can be created.

  • CI/CD tools are incorporated.
  • Enables interaction from any device and from any location.
  • Allow team members to provide feedback on code changes.


Backlog is a lightweight project management application developed specifically for developers. Agile teams utilize Backlog to collaborate with other teams in order to enhance team cohesiveness and project delivery quality.

  • Simple bug detection tools
  • Issues with projects and subtasks
  • Git and SVN are pre-integrated
  • Gantt charts and burndown charts • Wikis • Watchlists
  • Cloud-based and on-premises deployment options

Bug Detection

Bug hunting is a very beneficial technique for both software developers and agile testing. It significantly simplifies the process of capturing screenshots and associating them with objects in a bug tracking or issue management system for problem reporting.

  • Intelligent Capture Mode support
  • Produce high-quality visuals by adding effects on photos
  • Quick and easy access to frequently used tools
  • Automatically save screenshots taken


Snagit is a well-known program for capturing screenshots. It includes a slew of sophisticated tools for editing, annotating, as well as for sharing screenshots. Additionally, it is capable of sending and receiving screenshots.

  • This agile testing platform includes complete screen capture as well as video editing capabilities.
  • Capture movies using an easy-to-use, responsive screen recorder.
  • Capture a website, record an online meeting, or send an e-mail with comments.


JIRA is a bug tracking and project management application that we use for both Agile testing and project management. Not only is this technique useful for recording and documenting, but it is also compatible with the code development system.

  • The JIRA Query Language enables the rapid generation of filters with a single click
  • Reporting capabilities offer important insight into the team’s agile functioning
  • Extensive reporting capabilities offer important insight into the agile operation to the employees
  • Enables the creation of bespoke processes of any size for the purpose of developing, testing, and releasing software


SoapUI is an agile test platform for SOA and REST. In addition, Its capability allows the evaluation, activation, development, functional testing, and load testing of web services.

  • This open-source testing tool enables drag-and-drop test development.
  • Facilitates the reuse of functional test cases and vulnerability tests with a few mouse clicks
  • Facilitates data-driven testing
  • Supports many environments


JMeter is a free and open-source performance testing program developed by Apache. It is used to load functional tests and to determine the efficiency of websites. In addition, its features includes:

  • Capability to load and performance test a wide range of apps, servers, and protocols
  • Plugins for data gathering and visualization provide extensibility.
  • Functions may be used to give dynamic feedback during testing or to modify data. • Continuous Integration is made simple by integrating third-party libraries with platforms like as Maven, Gradle, and Jenkins.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is an agile testing tool for automation. Moreover, It tries to mimic the activities of a real user and interacts with the application’s HTML in this capacity.

  • This agile platform supports a number of languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, as well as Java script.
  • No initialization of the Selenium server is required.
  • WebDriver also determines the coordinates of any item.


Appium is a free and open-source Agile platform. It is advantageous for automating web applications, iOS, Android, and hybrid applications. Native apps are developed utilizing the SDKs for Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • This finest agile tool works with Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android, as well as the built-in ‘Browser’ feature.
  • Capable of automating Native, Hybrid, as well as Web mobile applications.
  • Supports a variety of programming languages, including Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#.
  • This agile testing platform allows the testing of native, hybrid, and web applications on both physical devices and simulators or emulators.


Usersnap is an Agile testing tool that enables web developers to take images of problems. Since this application streamlines the process of communicating bugs between testers and developers, it has the following features.

  • Compatibility with all major web browsers.
  • It also enables communication between employees and consumers.
  • Does not cause the website to slow down.
  • Visual bug reports are provided, as well as improved client-side error tracking.
  • Support for single-page applications.

Pivotal Tracker:

Pivotal Tracker is a software development project management tool that enables developers to plan software development projects. It is mainly concerned with agile development techniques. It does, however, perform well on a variety of programs.

  • Active resource support
  • At-a-glance project visibility
  • Transfer and edit several tales concurrently.

qTest Scenario:

Use the qTest Scenario for the JIRA plugin for Agile testing. Besides. It enables the execution of human and automated tests.

  • Complete traceability of user stories, experiments, performance, and bugs.
  • It supports you from start to finish, from test development through execution.
  • Incorporate testing into the process at an early stage.
  • This is the most effective tool for managing agile projects as well as enhance the testers’ performance.
  • Incorporate Test-First methods across the organization.


QMetry is an open-source testing platform that is agile. It enables developers to rapidly create, manage, and deploy their applications. Additionally, it reduces release cycle time by increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the whole testing process.

  • Develop and reuse functional test cases
  • Close collaboration on test cases using JIRA Capture, HipChat, and Confluence.
  • QMetry Wisdom is a real-time monitoring and trend analysis application.


QAAgile Project Management Software specializes in providing business-level expertise. It is compatible with several contemporary software methodologies, including Agile and DevOps. Additionally, it enables the integration of human and automated testing for detection, requirements, and tasks. Moreover, The major features of QAComplete are as follows:

  • Enables testing efforts to be prioritized and high-risk issues to be identified.
  • Improved security via SSL and single sign-on.
  • Determine the test’s coverage to ensure that sufficient samples are available to meet all criteria.
  • Establish a schedule for automated testing.
  • This agile project management platform integrates Jenkins, JIRA, Selenium, and over 40 more technologies.
  • Establish and monitor service level agreements.
  • Enterprise Tester is a website dedicated to quality assurance and test monitoring. It is endorsed by many of the world’s most prestigious organizations. It offers complete coverage and traceability, in addition to robust management reporting.
  • Designed for JIRA and Confluence integration
  • Covers all needs and flaws completely.
  • This agile project management software enables teams to select between Waterfall, Agile, and Cascade projectmodels.
  • Organize tasks more efficiently by using the tree navigator.
  • Anticipate hazards prior to developing test cases
  • Monitor and visualize risk throughout the duration of the project

For more information regarding agile management, you can also check our management section on our website by clicking here.

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