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How To Remove a Gmail Account from Your Mobile Phone?

Gmail accounts that are properly removed from an Android smartphone remain accessible through a web browser and may be reconnected at any time should you change your mind.

If you remove the Gmail app from your phone, what happens next?

Now, what happens when you remove the Gmail app from your phone and how to remove it. Let’s check it out. We’ll get right to it by going through the process first.

Steps to Remove a Gmail Account

  1. Open you Email Application. If you are using android phone, click on menu (Application) icon and all the apps will be opened.
Open the App
  1. Search for the Gmail application and open your Gmail Account.
Gmail Application
  1. Then Click on Triple bar (≡) icon in top left side of the Gmail window and the drawer will be opened.
  1. Once you open the tripe bar, search for settings inside the drawer.
Triple bar
  1. If you are using multiple accounts, tap on the email account you wish to remove and click on the top three-dotted right icon.
Three Doted Icon
  1. Once you click the three-dotted right icon, Tap the manage accounts section and once it is opened, click on the “Remove account” button.
Remove Account
  1. Then Tap on “Remove” button in the pop-up window to confirm that you want to remove the account. 

Clicking on Remove account should entirely remove the email account you selected from your Gmail app. Note that all other email accounts linked to your Gmail app will still be active unless you remove them.

Note: I am using Infinix Note 7 for this instruction tutorial.

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