Friday, June 2 shuts down after falling victim to a fraudulent assault hacked

In July, became the target of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) assault, and hackers demanded a Bitcoin ransom.
For the time being, it seems that, one of the first websites to talk about Bitcoin (BTC), has been hacked by internet fraudsters and is now offline.
Cobra, the mysterious anonymous curator of, said on September 23 that the site had been hacked, and scammers managed to put up a fraudulent alert on the website.
Namecheap disabled the website after an inquiry from Corallo. Cobra says the website is offline and won’t be available for many days. allegedly exhibited a typical bogus giveaway notice before to falling down, with fraudsters being able to gather $17,000 to their addresses.
Cobra claimed that the hackers took use of a vulnerability in the DNS after deactivating the website, arguing that the Cloudflare accounts and servers used by were not hacked.

The new assault has come after the website was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack earlier this month, which also demanded a ransom payment in Bitcoin. The assault followed one week after a UK court ordered the website to cease posting the white paper, naming Satoshi Nakamoto and BSV supporter Craig Wright as co-creators.

After Nakamoto departed the Bitcoin community in late 2011, the code for Bitcoin development was left to the Bitcoin developers. The website has changed ownership several times throughout the years, with Cobra Partnership getting the title of being a co-owner in late 2013.

May 2020 will be a historic month for, which will see its owner, Roger Ver, show interest in purchasing the original website. A few members of the crypto community have accused Ver of generating unnecessary confusion around Bitcoin Cash’s promotion as the “genuine” Bitcoin. Within a month, supervisor Will Binns claimed that he had lost access to the website, claiming that someone had gained unauthorized access.

Before the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, mined the first Bitcoin block in January 2009, the domain name was registered over a year earlier. Hosting the Bitcoin Core, the software required to connect to the Bitcoin network and operate a node makes a popular teaching resource.

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